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Substance Painter tutorial: Creating Weathering effect

[ #SubstancePainter ] In this Substance Painter tutorial, Christophe Desse shows us how o use and t...

Making of Under the Dome

[ #Cinema4D ] Niko Schatz share the video showing how he create "Under the Dome" Project...

Houdini tutorial Particles to Bullet

[ #Houdini ] In this Houdini tutorial, Andrew shows us a quick technique to turn particles into bu...

Redshift for Houdini tutorial 1 - Introduction

[ #Redshift #Houdini ] In this video, Rohan Dalvi will show us a brief look at the Reshift render...

How to start to work with FStorm Render for 3ds Max

[ #3dsMax #Fstorm ] Daniel Reuterswärd has done first project done with the new GPU render engine F...

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