Making of Bergman

The sunset scenne always topic to show by 3d artiscs. Check new making of !

Hello, my name is Reinaldo, i am from Indonesia. I have my own studio and also online course First i want to thank to for giving me the oportunity to share my knowledge, and I am so glad to be here with all of you guys on This time i will create the making of Bergman werntoft house exterior rendering.

At first i follow the challenge on facebook group which the base model is created by my close friend, Rio Febrian, he is a great 3dartist and have lots of award, and i learn a lot from him. When i seek for image reference i come up with this bergman werntoft house, i like this house design because its simplicity. And i decided to use this house as reference and i combined with the base model.
To create this  I am using 3dsmax 2011, vray, Photoshop CS 5.5 and also using magic bullet to help me in post production.
For interior rendering i always use centimeter. Size in this 3D rendering does matter. To get a good image we also need good proportion of our objects in the scene.
Gamma Space
In the beginning we must decided in what space we want to work. Gamma 1.0  or gamma 2.2 space ? Actually i am quite often work in gamma 1.0 space, but this time i decided to work in gamma 2.2 using Linear Work Flow. Working in Linear Work Flow is very easy because in real life camera also work in gamma 2.2. There are lots of advantages using LWF gamma 2.2. You will get your scene brighter than gamma 1.0 and the black part will not so contrast like in gamma 1.0, this will help us to control the dark side of our rendering.  Here are the setting landscape.
 After i finish with the modeling continue to texturing the object. Here i only use simple material, and what is simple material ? simple material is i only use vray material with bitmap without any setting in it, no reflection, no fresnel, just only bitmap. And yes, texturing process consume lots of time.
 Interior & Exterior filling
Modeling & Texturing
First i create the building. For the main building i use standard technique, i only use spline and extrude, box also. And after that i create the wood deck using floor generator. And continue with simple
after i finish do the modeling and texturing, i fill the exterior using tree, lots of them with many variant of tree of course to get the unrepeating model on your image. And i also fill the interior with furniture also interior plant (small one).
Okay, lets move to lighting section.
In the image below you can see my setting for the lighting.

For the main GI lighting this time i use DOME object and i fill it with vray light material and i put sky bitmap on it. In the vray light material setting i check "direct illumination" why ? because i want this vray light material act like real light source, if you don't check "direct illumination" the result will be different, not only the shadow, but also the illumination will be different and will give you much trouble. Also for the interior light i use photometric IES. why not vray ies ? yes vray ies will calculate the light cache much much faster than the photometric IES, but vray ies will cast a strong shadow, and this time i don't want to have a very strong shadow .
Camera in vray really have a important part. You can see my setting in the image below :

The render result is 2000x1333, and it means the aspect ratio is 1.5. This is the regular camera aspect ratio as far as i known for landscape view. So here i tried to create composition base on real camera aspect ratio. Base on this aspect ratio i tried to search the best camera angle. Some of the base thinking about this angle is i want make the second floor building 1/3 of my camera composition.
For white balance i always start using neutral, i always want to know the color of the GI and the light looks as it is. After the test i will concider to change the white balance, but this time i stick around with neutral untill the end of the process. 
Concrete material
The concrete material i use concrete expose and i use vray blend to create more rustic effect on it. And for the reflection and reflection glossiness i use bitmap to create more realistic look.
wood material for wall
I use bitmap this time to create the wall wood planks, and same with the concrete material i use bitmap on the reflection and the reflection glossiness to create a very natural effect of reflection.
Wood planks for the floor
Here i use multitexture since multitexture is the best plugin for give plank which created using floor generator. Also i use bitmap on reflection and reflection glossiness slot.
Now its time to render the final image. Below you can see the preset i use for the final rendering.
Below you can see the result of the rendering.
As you can see, the result is good enough, and we can move to post production section.

Post production
In this post production actually i done a little work. Here the explanation. I use magic bullet. First i use film like to give more contrast of the image.
 Here i see i need more brightness, so i decided to raise the exposure
Here i see the exposure has done good enough and next i use diffusion to create a glowing effect.

And i add some starfilter to create more lens effect !
I also add chormatic aberration, but not to much, just a small effect.
I want to focus on the center so i use vignette to help me give focus effect on the center of the image.
I put some edge softeness !
And finish, well thats quite easy isn't it. I hope all of you like this tutorial and i also hope you all will get lots improvement by reading this article.
Below are all the image of this bergman werntoft house exterior rendering.

Thanks all for watching !


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