Create and manage State Sets in 3ds Max

In this tutorial, you learn to create and manage State Sets. From what the words imply, State Sets provide you with a way to maintain and manage different states of your scene. In its simplest form, you can use it to control the visibility of objects but it goes way beyond this type of trivial functionality. State Sets are mostly useful for Render-pass-management and ultimately provide you with a portal for post-compositing in Adobe After Effects. As you go through this tutorial, you will learn all about this functionality and more
>> Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 & MediaSync Interop

Part 1- Introduction

Part 2 - Creating State Sets

Part 3 - Finalizing State Sets

Part 4 - Rendering Outputs

Part 5 - Compositor View

Part 6 - After Effects plugins

Part 7 - Opening the Link File in Adobe After Effects

Part 8 - Working with Solids and PSD files

Part 9 - Finalizing the Composition

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