Creating Lion Fur using Ornatrix for 3ds Max

[ #3dsmax ] Character Artist based in São Paulo, Brazil - Andy Brüning is kind enough to share CG Record a Step by step tutorial on how to...

[ #3dsmax ]
Character Artist based in São Paulo, Brazil - Andy Brüning is kind enough to share CG Record a Step by step tutorial on how to create Lion Fur using Ornatrix for 3ds Max.

>> See Also: Ornatrix v4.4 for 3ds Max

1. You’ll need a base/hi poly mesh for the fur process (it can be decimated) and will need an uv to use the polypaint as color for the hair strands
2. Then you can make your fur anywere you want .But it needs to read the Uv from Hi poly, so you can put color on the fur. I used Ornatrix.
3. Once you’re done with the Hi hair, you can make the low poly and make the final Uv for it (try to make the areas that will show more bigger then hidden areas). It can be Lower than this xD
4. Bake A (color). Then you can bake normally. Since I was using ornatrix I used internal bake in 3dsMax.
5. Bake B (Alpha). Here’s the key of the baking. I was doing some tests with depth of field to achieve the alpha mapping and it went great. But the problem was... How to bake the depth from the 3D model? The solution I found is to use a gradient from root to tip(B&W)
6. Low Shells. Now you have your low poly and the 2 maps you can duplicate the geometry a few times. I used 11 mesh for the fur (and one more underneath all of that for the skin, nose,eyes,scar..)
7. Working Fur. Now you have everything you need you can start the materials. I used 11 materials(same number of shells). They are the same(actually it’s good to make control maps for every parameter, spec, gloss, normal,SSS... or you’re going to have problems to set 11 materials if any change).The only work is to change 11 alpha slides differently (using the same baked map) that changes from the dense to shalllow hair. Of course you could control the alpha using only one material but 11 different Uv. Or maybe a powerful shader that can make it without a lot of materials... but you know...
Note.: some areas where the fur was longer, the alpha didn’t worked. So stay focused on tiny fur when making the Hi-Hair
8. Once you’re done with your materials you can use that low poly underneath all shells to make the nose, eyes, skin areas... using the same diffuse that you used to make the fur (I had some problem with the tests so I used different meshes, but DON’T do that if the model will be animated or somethin’, use the same meshes for the 12 parts. =D)

Creating Beard

1. For the Beard/Mane low poly. I used Ornatrix too, converting to mesh, but you can also use Fibermesh or similar. (Will be needed to be fix in some ares of course).
2. Beard texture. Once again, I used Ornatrix to make the plane textures. I used the same process to make my Jill Valentine’s hair.
That's all Please drop your comment if you have any question and dont' miss to check out Andy's portfolio: https://bruning.artstation.com/ for more stunning work!
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  1. Hi, im curious how u made the short hair with ornatrix. Did u brush em? How did u manage to shape em? Modifiers etc? thanks

    1. Hi We're sending your Question to the author or tutorial! Hope to have the anwer to you soon!


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CG TUTORIAL : Creating Lion Fur using Ornatrix for 3ds Max
Creating Lion Fur using Ornatrix for 3ds Max
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